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African Violet Series

african violets
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· Beautifully designed full color cover
· Over 40 color photos + b/w and color illustrations by a professional artist
· Featured articles contributed by Dr. Jeff Smith, Dr. Jon Lovett, Gwen Mergian,
Nancy Robitailla, Barbara Spofford, Joyce Stork, Janet Stromborg and Judy Barrett.
· Special appendixes listing the original Saintpaulia species and detailed information on
the reclassification of the species
· Available as 8.5 x 11 paperback book
· 150 pages; 250 word glossary .............. (click for) Full Story

African Violets: The Series, Book One now Available
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African Violets: Back to the Basics
Reader’s Comments

     “To have 250 questions and answers in ten chapters is a unique way to learn all about African Violets. What a great gift for a new grower or a old time grower. All AVSA Affiliates should provide this book for their members in their club library.”
(Hortense Pittman, Past President, African Violet Society of America)

    “I now have my new book! African Violets: Back to the Basics. I always tell people when they are having problems go back to the basics!
    It sure is beautiful and I am enjoying it so! Excellent book! Thank you so much for writing it.
    May I ask a favor of you? When you get back to the States may I please ship you my book to be signed. Of course I will pay postage both ways. (Author’s response: I am always happy to sign a copy of one of my books for any African violet hobbyist.)”
Thanks so much!  Allison    Order here: African Violets: Back to the Basics

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